About Me

Bassel Cheaib

Technically, I’m a computer scientist. I’m passionate about development, algorithms, optimization, problem solving, AI and a lot more… I’m also a lifelong learner who seeks the treasures of knowledge in order to share them with the rest of humanity. My ultimate goal, although it seems too ambitious, is to make the world a better place. Sometimes the smallest acts can make a big difference.

My Experience

Murex Systems

Right after coming back from UC Berkeley, I started a 2-months internship at Murex Systems where I worked with the QA team.

Aug. 2018
Software Development Intern

UC Berkeley

In the summer of 2018, I attended UC Berkeley as an exchange student where I learned AI.

Jun. 2018
Exchange Student

Peer Support Mentor

During my education, I participated in mentoring students in many topics including Java and C++.

Feb. 2017

High School Graduation

On July 2016, I graduated from high school with distinction and started my computer science education at Phoenicia University (PU).

Jul. 2016

My Skills

My Projects

PU Mobile App

A prototye for an application providing many of the needs of Phoenicia University students.

...   ...


This is a Java program that sends commands over a local network between two computers. It stands for Network Commands Terminal. It was done as a mini-project for the networking course at university.

...   ...

Coming Soon

More cool projects are currently under development and will come very soon!